Monday, January 25, 2010

Geistbeschwörer - Und Zurück Kehrt Die Pest Namens Nacht

This rare find is a very unknown one-man band from Germany. This 2007 release remains the only release from this now inactive project. Featuring all "Untitled" tracks, this demo offers raw quality black metal along with some ambient interludes. Another highly suggested release.

...Und Zurück Kehrt Die Pest Namens Nacht

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mütiilation - Black Imperial Blood (travel)

In 1995, Mütiilation released their first full-length album Vampires of Black Imperial Blood. This is a demo that was released one year prior to that, consisting mostly of tracks from the same release. This is an absolutely essential cassette by one of the best black metal bands of all time.

Black Imperial Blood

Chalice of Blood - Angelus Diaboli

Angelus Diaboli is the first of only two demo releases by this mysterious three piece from Tyreso, Sweden. There is little information to be known about this band or it's members, as they are known under roman numerals only. (I, II, and III) This cassette is 100 percent orthodox Satanic black metal, and is an instant classic to those who may be seeking such spirit.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Azhubham Haani - On a Snowy Winter Night

And now for an old classic. This release is by Sweden's Azhubham Haani, a one-man project run by Angramain'yo. Released in 1992, the only year that this project was active due to Angramain'yo's imprisonment in that same year for reportedly "stabbing a man in the throat repeatedly". In my opinion, this cassette is an essential black metal treasure that is far too overlooked.


Atrax Morgue - In Search of Death

I've yet to post anything on here thus far that is nearly as deranged as this cassette. This is the first release from Atrax Morgue, a project run solely by Marco Corbelli..a death obsessed, cross-dressing, paranoid necrophiliac from Italy. This is the rawest of all of his work by far. This release lacks Corbelli's voice, and only offers you sick, droning, murderous tones that will give even your common noise listener a headache. The material strays away from your typical "harsh" noise, but is still very persistent in it's minimal, voidful atmosphere.

In search of death..

Na Rasputje - Gde Zemlju Hranit Odejalo Snegov

Here is an extremely epic release that deserves attention. Na Rasputje is black metal group from Moscow, Russia that is virtually unheard of. They belong to the Armour Get Dawn group, an exclusively socialist black metal circle in Russia. Regardless of what your opinion of the previous statement may be, the material demonstrated on this demo is truly black metal in it's rarest of forms (though you have to stomach a couple of beyond cheesy tracks, or skip them) A fucking cold release.


Anti-Cimex - Criminal Trap

A monumental record by Anti-Cimex, one of the most important punk bands to date. Formed in Sweden during 1981, they were the very group to define Scandinavian D-beat. After the demise of this band, the members went on to form such acts as Driller Killer and Wolfbrigade. This album is a milestone as far as punk rock is concerned.

Criminal Trap

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Abigail - Blasphemy Night

One of the most early efforts by Japan's Abigail. This 1993 release is the band's second demo cassette featuring four tracks. Two of the four tracks are well-executed cover songs, one by Bathory and the other, Sodom. Considering what this band has turned into as the years have passed, this is a very important archive preserving what they once were...

Blasphemy Night

Ornette Coleman - The Shape of Jazz to Come

1959 Download

Monday, January 11, 2010

Torgeist - Devoted to Satan

Yet another release from the French circle Les Légions Noires...this time around by Torgeist, a relatively over-looked project from the Legions. This cassette is extremely raw all around, concerning both production value and the music's pure decadence in the way it's executed.

Devoted to Satan

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sun Ra - Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy and Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow

"Cosmic Tones functions as a kind of blueprint for the sort of large-scale jazz weirdness that would inform much of Sun-Ra's subsequent works, featuring the woozy reeds of And Otherness and the afro-jazz experiments of Thither And Yon. On Adventure Equation a space echo treatment on the recording which is reprised for the sax flurries on Voice Of Space making the whole experience even more disorientating than it already would be."

This otherworldly, brilliant release was recorded in 1963 and released 1967.

Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy

Deep Wound

1983 self-titled release from Deep Wound, quite possibly one of the most overlooked as well as underrated punk bands from the outer regions of Boston, Massachusetts. They disbanded in 1984 with drummer J Mascis and guitarist Lou Barlow going on to form Dinosaur Jr. In 2004, Deep Wound played an unannounced one-song reunion set in Northampton MA at a Sonic Youth concert at some college. If you're into ridiculously fast punk rock, download this EP.


Monday, January 4, 2010


Out of all the black metal demos I've posted on this blog thus far, this one truly stands out from the rest. This 2008 demo features no vocal performance of any sort; just unrelenting lo-fi and vampiric German black art. Each song features both and intro and an outro, in truly good taste. The name Borgo comes from the Borgo Pass, which is a mountain pass in Romania connecting Bistrita, Transylvania and Bukovina, Moldovia. The Borgo Pass was made famous in Bram Stoker's Dracula, as it was the gateway into the realm of Count Dracula.

A Pass Called Borgo

Cendres - Ungeziefer

This release came out of fucking nowhere and remains easily one of my most valuable finds in 2009. Cendres, meaning Ashes, hail from France. This is their only material to date and it was released in 2007. Raw, hypnotizing, and at times even a bit confusing. Recommended.


Misanthropic - Doomed by the Immortality

Released in 2007, here is a brilliantly raw release by solo project Misanthropic of Brazil. This cassette captures a perfect lo-fi essence, truly unlike anything I've heard to date. Epic, lengthy works are offered by this highly recommended underground gem.

Doomed by the Immortality

Paysage d'hiver

Paysage d'hiver (2000)

1. Welt aus Eis
2. Gefrorener Atem
3. Der Weg


Winterkälte (2002)

1. Ich schreite...
2. Ich starre...
3. Einsamkeit...
4. Winter...
5. Eintritt in die Sphären...
6. Finsternis...


Cold ambient black metal from Schwarzenburg, Switzerland run solely under the direction of Tobias Möckl. Here are two of the most atmospheric black metal releases I've ever heard..HIGHLY recommended.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Misfits - Halloween

Halloween is the fifth single by the horror punk band the Misfits. It was released on October 31, 1981 on singer Glenn Danzig's label Plan 9 Records. This single was the last Misfits release to include guitarist Bobby Steele. Both songs on the single had been recorded in August 1980 for a planned album. This features both Halloween I and II only, but stands very well on it's own as a classic staple in the history of this legendary band; as it were...


Uatrb Vélèpr

Amongst all of the obscure releases presented by the LLN, this one stands out to me more than most, mainly because this demo's material consists of neither Black Metal nor dark ambient music. Uatrb Vélèpr capture one of the strangest atmospheres I've heard to date. The second track titled Éa has what I could only explain as a surf rock-esque feel to it. I highly suggest this insane release.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Framtid - 8 track ep

Raw crust punk/d-beat from Japan...fucking ferocious.