Sunday, December 5, 2010

Goat Semen - Southamerican Terrorist Black Death Destruction

Formed in the year 2000, this is the first demo from Goat Semen. A raw blend of black, death and thrash metal is demonstrated here flawlessly by this Peruvian horde. These same songs were re-recorded with much higher production and reissued on the 2002 self titled demo as well as the 2004 split with Peru's own Anal Vomit. The versions offered on this first demo are barbaric and relentless lo-fi bursts of Satanic and blasphemic rage. Also pay attention to the clusterfuck of a drum solo that happens in "Warfare Noise".

Anti Cimex - Raped Ass

Released in 1983, here is the Raped Ass EP by Sweden's Anti Cimex. This D-beat classic absolutely punishes from start to finish with a rage that is uncaptured by any other band from this time period. Aggressive riffs and shredded vocals make this easily one of my favorite punk releases ever.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ravenclaw - Winternacht

Primitive and raw black metal from Germany. Solo project of Gaamalzagoth of Moonblood, Azaxul etc. Released in 1996


Tzaphkial - Anahata Chakra, Kundalini, Luciferi...

In 1994 Tzaphkial released their only demo before the group became inactive. It's sole member Abrahel joined France's infamous Bekhira one year later. I'm not really sure how I feel about this tape, there are some good moments on here but it has it's fair share of amateur moments as well. Overall, this is a strange tape that I'd say is definitely worth a listen.

Sadorass - In the Chill of the Dark Forgotten Forest

Released in 1996, this is the first demo from Sadorass. Strange and sloppy black metal from Germany.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saatkrähe - L'arbre Mort

I've been looking for this for quite some time, now here it is. Another exceptional demo from France's Saatkrähe, enjoy.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Seyiren - Defying the Demiurge

What is there to say about such a band who has been hardly recognized for such great work? So well hidden over the last 12 years or so, hardly mentioned, never band photographs, merely a mailing address on an impossibly attainable (so it seems) demo cassette. Defying the Demiurge is very distinct in sound and style, you immediately understand that Seyiren is a french black metal band, and you also understand the time period which this material was recorded and released. Formed by the infamous Noctu (Peste Noire, Mortifera, Celestia, and so on..) in the year 1994, though he didn't take part in this demo..which really proves to not matter one bit. The band carried on without him and for good reason, this tape truly showcases the spirit of black metal that has been evident within the French scene since the very beginning. Cold, uncompromising black metal the way it was meant to be executed. The first track, "Thornspawn" is a weak opener in comparison to where the later material of this tape takes you, while the last track titled "The Mausoleum" may stand to be the most classic black metal song you've never got the chance to hear. No longer..


Sarcófago - INRI

Finally, here is INRI, the first full-length release by Brazil's thrash/black metal legends Sarcófago, released in 1987. If you can't appreciate this true classic in one way or another, I don't know what to tell you. According to metal-archives: "Nowadays, Wagner Lamounier is a PhD in Economics and works as a professor at a respected university in Brazil." ...speechless.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yoga - Megafauna

This album captures a weirdness that can hardly be categorized. Yoga is a lo-fi experimental black metal band heavily focused on themes of Cryptozoology and the unknown. Megafauna whirls through several surreal soundscapes, this is not a black metal record. Eerie droning and other worldly ambience cover most of the ground work layed down by this album, accented by strange and distant psychedelic black metal tracks that leave you just as disoriented without missing a single beat. This is by far a stand out record, a true listening experience.

“Understand this: Yoga dispenses a sinister frailty of howling swells in hissing static that combusts into crawling shock heaps, to the effect of Mayhem performing Twin Peaks incidentals in a prairie recorded by The KLF. A brief description casts them as black metal’s answer to Throbbing Gristle. The texture-based rendering of their compositions sails them on a strange sea between song and sound effect as it bobs along the waves like a dead man’s bottled message. Aspects of Goblin rehearsals in dead hills is interrupted as Monster Zero carves mountain sides with lightning breath. Oscillating leads pummel into churning riffs as if Caledonia was performed in an echo chamber near Lodi, New Jersey. The extrinsic properties of this work may result in disambiguation.”


For a slight change of pace, here is Confuse. Formed in 1983, this trio helped define Japan's distinct and noise ridden style of hardcore punk. This is their complete discography, full of anti-political/anti-war punk expected.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


In the event that the inquiry ever arose concerning what the epitome of my musical tastes are , I would immediately suggest all four of these demos, literally. There is much to be said about the infamous Brenoritvrezorkre, but I will save you the paragraph(s) and let the music speak for itself. I am so insistent upon this material that I didn't even grant you the option to choose between releases, instead I have provided a link that offers all four demos for download at once. In commemoration of my very first post on this blog, I offer the rest of what this exquisitely warped and underrated band has to offer. Courtesy of France's LLN, do yourself a fucking favor.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Drekavac - Grave Dirt and Blood

Released just this year is the debut demo from Drekavac. This cassette features six noisy tracks of raw, hateful black metal. There is no more to be said..


Friday, April 30, 2010


Recorded in 2006, released this year by Parasyte Curse. Raw, warping black metal from the US

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ildjarn started in 1992, creating some of the most raw Black Metal recordings to date. Hailing from Norway, the project was founded and run by Vidar Vaaer. There were collaborations with a musician known as Nidhogg, such recordings are referred to as Ildjarn-Nidhogg.

"Some Ildjarn (Landscapes and Hardangervidda I & II) albums are keyboard-only.

Samoth was the session vocalist for the '92 demo, and Ihsahn for the '93 demo. Both of them played with Ildjarn in Thou Shalt Suffer.

Most Ildjarn material was recorded in the first half of the Nineties; the Hardangervidda ambient project (featuring Nidhogg) is the very last work recorded by the artist. However, demand from fans led to Ildjarn's decision to make the recordings from his vault available, as well as repressing most of his discography. The "Ildjarn Is Dead" double album should seal Ildjarn's discographic legacy.

Contrary to popular belief, most Ildjarn albums feature real live drums; on the other hand, the Ildjarn-Nidhogg Metal recordings were done with programmed drums."

Kaosritual - Rituell Katarsis

Kaosritual was a black metal band from Trondheim, Norway heavily forused on Satanism and the Occult. This is their first demo released in 2004, consisting of four renselser (cleansings); Pest (plague), Sykdom (disease), Ild (fire) and Død (death).

“KAOSRITUAL serves as the manifestation of our True Will and as a means to celebrate Satan and to shine the glory of Death!”

Monday, March 22, 2010

Moonblood - Rehersal 9 - Unpure Desires of Diabolical Lust

In 1994, the black metal horde known as Moonblood was formed. Hailing from Germany (Schneeberg, Saxony), this legendary band truly set the standards for black metal during the early nineties and beyond. This is Moonblood's 1996 rehearsal demo, number nine out of a series of twelve (technically there are 17 demos but only 12 "rehearsals"). Here it is in two parts.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vlad Tepes - The Black Legions

This 1998 tribute to Les Légions Noires is the last known release to date by the legendary Vlad Tepes. It features their very interesting versions of songs by fellow LLN bands. Tracks by Mütiilation, Brenoritvrezorkre and Belketre and incredibly recreated on this release. This is an absolute must for any fans of LLN.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Gorugoth - Ankoku Shinwa (Myth of Darkness)

Released in 1999, here is a compilation of early material from Gorugoth, a now defunct raw black metal project from Japan. At one time featuring Wood (Hurusoma, Gnome, The Under, etc.), the last known member of this band is known as Kouzaburou Kozima, who held the responsibility of all instruments and vocals. There is quite a distinctive sound being set forth by the material on this release, truly in Japanese fashion as far as Black Metal is concerned. It starts with an intro (if you hadn't guessed by most of the black metal releases on here thus far) and leads into the second track Revelation 4, which is part of an ongoing series of "Revelation" tracks you'll have no choice but to notice as this release goes on. The strongest tracks on this release in my opinion fail to commence until about half way through, but no matter..this is definitely worth a listen if the above or below photographs meet your aesthetic preference.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Extinction - Down Below the Fog

Here is an ear-splitting display of quality black art hailing from the United Kingdom. This one-man project showcases fierce elements of harsh noise perfectly blended with the rawest of black metal. Released in 2001

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mob 47 - Racist Regime

Mob 47 is a hardcore punk band from Sweden, regarded as the absolute fastest of the distinct "D-beat" style of punk. An absolutely incredible release. Released in 1986.



In 1996, Propaganda Records released this 39 track compilation of Riistetyt's early works from '82-'83. This is old-school hardcore punk done absolutely as raw as possible, courtesy of Finland.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Akitsa - Totale Servitude

This is the first demo release by Akitsa, an innovative black metal act hailing from Quebec, Canada. This cassette makes for a very interesting listen, offering abstract and formless black metal that also manages to remain unrelenting. There is a certain creativity showcased on this release that is truly refreshing to me. The sloppily played instruments, unorthodox song formulas, and sometimes punk-esque edge that is demonstrated by this cassette I can't help but find pleasing. Get stoned and listen to this, seriously.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Geistbeschwörer - Und Zurück Kehrt Die Pest Namens Nacht

This rare find is a very unknown one-man band from Germany. This 2007 release remains the only release from this now inactive project. Featuring all "Untitled" tracks, this demo offers raw quality black metal along with some ambient interludes. Another highly suggested release.

...Und Zurück Kehrt Die Pest Namens Nacht

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mütiilation - Black Imperial Blood (travel)

In 1995, Mütiilation released their first full-length album Vampires of Black Imperial Blood. This is a demo that was released one year prior to that, consisting mostly of tracks from the same release. This is an absolutely essential cassette by one of the best black metal bands of all time.

Black Imperial Blood

Chalice of Blood - Angelus Diaboli

Angelus Diaboli is the first of only two demo releases by this mysterious three piece from Tyreso, Sweden. There is little information to be known about this band or it's members, as they are known under roman numerals only. (I, II, and III) This cassette is 100 percent orthodox Satanic black metal, and is an instant classic to those who may be seeking such spirit.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Azhubham Haani - On a Snowy Winter Night

And now for an old classic. This release is by Sweden's Azhubham Haani, a one-man project run by Angramain'yo. Released in 1992, the only year that this project was active due to Angramain'yo's imprisonment in that same year for reportedly "stabbing a man in the throat repeatedly". In my opinion, this cassette is an essential black metal treasure that is far too overlooked.


Atrax Morgue - In Search of Death

I've yet to post anything on here thus far that is nearly as deranged as this cassette. This is the first release from Atrax Morgue, a project run solely by Marco Corbelli..a death obsessed, cross-dressing, paranoid necrophiliac from Italy. This is the rawest of all of his work by far. This release lacks Corbelli's voice, and only offers you sick, droning, murderous tones that will give even your common noise listener a headache. The material strays away from your typical "harsh" noise, but is still very persistent in it's minimal, voidful atmosphere.

In search of death..

Na Rasputje - Gde Zemlju Hranit Odejalo Snegov

Here is an extremely epic release that deserves attention. Na Rasputje is black metal group from Moscow, Russia that is virtually unheard of. They belong to the Armour Get Dawn group, an exclusively socialist black metal circle in Russia. Regardless of what your opinion of the previous statement may be, the material demonstrated on this demo is truly black metal in it's rarest of forms (though you have to stomach a couple of beyond cheesy tracks, or skip them) A fucking cold release.


Anti-Cimex - Criminal Trap

A monumental record by Anti-Cimex, one of the most important punk bands to date. Formed in Sweden during 1981, they were the very group to define Scandinavian D-beat. After the demise of this band, the members went on to form such acts as Driller Killer and Wolfbrigade. This album is a milestone as far as punk rock is concerned.

Criminal Trap

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Abigail - Blasphemy Night

One of the most early efforts by Japan's Abigail. This 1993 release is the band's second demo cassette featuring four tracks. Two of the four tracks are well-executed cover songs, one by Bathory and the other, Sodom. Considering what this band has turned into as the years have passed, this is a very important archive preserving what they once were...

Blasphemy Night

Ornette Coleman - The Shape of Jazz to Come

1959 Download

Monday, January 11, 2010

Torgeist - Devoted to Satan

Yet another release from the French circle Les Légions Noires...this time around by Torgeist, a relatively over-looked project from the Legions. This cassette is extremely raw all around, concerning both production value and the music's pure decadence in the way it's executed.

Devoted to Satan

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sun Ra - Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy and Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow

"Cosmic Tones functions as a kind of blueprint for the sort of large-scale jazz weirdness that would inform much of Sun-Ra's subsequent works, featuring the woozy reeds of And Otherness and the afro-jazz experiments of Thither And Yon. On Adventure Equation a space echo treatment on the recording which is reprised for the sax flurries on Voice Of Space making the whole experience even more disorientating than it already would be."

This otherworldly, brilliant release was recorded in 1963 and released 1967.

Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy

Deep Wound

1983 self-titled release from Deep Wound, quite possibly one of the most overlooked as well as underrated punk bands from the outer regions of Boston, Massachusetts. They disbanded in 1984 with drummer J Mascis and guitarist Lou Barlow going on to form Dinosaur Jr. In 2004, Deep Wound played an unannounced one-song reunion set in Northampton MA at a Sonic Youth concert at some college. If you're into ridiculously fast punk rock, download this EP.


Monday, January 4, 2010


Out of all the black metal demos I've posted on this blog thus far, this one truly stands out from the rest. This 2008 demo features no vocal performance of any sort; just unrelenting lo-fi and vampiric German black art. Each song features both and intro and an outro, in truly good taste. The name Borgo comes from the Borgo Pass, which is a mountain pass in Romania connecting Bistrita, Transylvania and Bukovina, Moldovia. The Borgo Pass was made famous in Bram Stoker's Dracula, as it was the gateway into the realm of Count Dracula.

A Pass Called Borgo

Cendres - Ungeziefer

This release came out of fucking nowhere and remains easily one of my most valuable finds in 2009. Cendres, meaning Ashes, hail from France. This is their only material to date and it was released in 2007. Raw, hypnotizing, and at times even a bit confusing. Recommended.