Monday, March 15, 2010

Gorugoth - Ankoku Shinwa (Myth of Darkness)

Released in 1999, here is a compilation of early material from Gorugoth, a now defunct raw black metal project from Japan. At one time featuring Wood (Hurusoma, Gnome, The Under, etc.), the last known member of this band is known as Kouzaburou Kozima, who held the responsibility of all instruments and vocals. There is quite a distinctive sound being set forth by the material on this release, truly in Japanese fashion as far as Black Metal is concerned. It starts with an intro (if you hadn't guessed by most of the black metal releases on here thus far) and leads into the second track Revelation 4, which is part of an ongoing series of "Revelation" tracks you'll have no choice but to notice as this release goes on. The strongest tracks on this release in my opinion fail to commence until about half way through, but no matter..this is definitely worth a listen if the above or below photographs meet your aesthetic preference.


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