Friday, April 30, 2010


Recorded in 2006, released this year by Parasyte Curse. Raw, warping black metal from the US

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ildjarn started in 1992, creating some of the most raw Black Metal recordings to date. Hailing from Norway, the project was founded and run by Vidar Vaaer. There were collaborations with a musician known as Nidhogg, such recordings are referred to as Ildjarn-Nidhogg.

"Some Ildjarn (Landscapes and Hardangervidda I & II) albums are keyboard-only.

Samoth was the session vocalist for the '92 demo, and Ihsahn for the '93 demo. Both of them played with Ildjarn in Thou Shalt Suffer.

Most Ildjarn material was recorded in the first half of the Nineties; the Hardangervidda ambient project (featuring Nidhogg) is the very last work recorded by the artist. However, demand from fans led to Ildjarn's decision to make the recordings from his vault available, as well as repressing most of his discography. The "Ildjarn Is Dead" double album should seal Ildjarn's discographic legacy.

Contrary to popular belief, most Ildjarn albums feature real live drums; on the other hand, the Ildjarn-Nidhogg Metal recordings were done with programmed drums."

Kaosritual - Rituell Katarsis

Kaosritual was a black metal band from Trondheim, Norway heavily forused on Satanism and the Occult. This is their first demo released in 2004, consisting of four renselser (cleansings); Pest (plague), Sykdom (disease), Ild (fire) and Død (death).

“KAOSRITUAL serves as the manifestation of our True Will and as a means to celebrate Satan and to shine the glory of Death!”